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About Saratoga Pure Water Systems

About Us

Saratoga Pure is a locally owned and operated bottless water and ice cooler dealer serving the Greater Capital Region.  Our mission is simple – to provide safe, pristine, and great tasting drinking water to businesses in a cost-effective way, while also making a positive impact on our environment.


Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Most offices provide their employees with what they think is safe drinking water, whether it be by tap, well, 5-gallon jugs, bottled or some filter system.  Despite best intentions and regardless of the water source, contaminants exist that make your drinking water at risk of being unsafe for consumption which inadvertently compromises the health of employees.

Researchers have found that over 60% of bottle water coolers are contaminated beyond a healthy level.  Why?  Because keeping these water dispensers clean is time consuming and never done, which allows bacteria and mold to build up and contaminate your water.  


Isn't My Water Source Safe?

While your tap and well water may receive a passing grade from the government, this does not mean the water meets the most recent health guidelines.  In many cases, legal limits for contaminants in tap and well water have not been updated in almost 20 years.    The best way to ensure clean tap or well water is to keep pollutants and contaminants out of the source in the first place.   


How Can Saratoga Pure Help?

Now more than ever, we need to protect our businesses and employees in every way possible.  Implementing a water system that provides safe and healthy water is essential.  Saratoga Pure offers you a single-source water purification system that takes tap and well water through 9-stages of filtration including reverse osmosis, finishing the process by adding healthy minerals back into the water.  Because our water coolers are bottleless, there is no more stressing about unwanted delivery people, installation, cleaning, lifting heavy jugs (eliminating the risk of injury and worker’s compensation claims) or storage of large water jugs and bottles.

Click the button below to learn more about the change our water coolers are making and how we can make your office healthier.


We're sure you'll love our water systems.

Enjoy Clean, Great Tasting Water on Us — "No Obligation, No Cost and Nothing to Sign"


At Saratoga Pure, we value your health and well-being. When you work with us, you will receive personalized, quick and efficient service from a team who cares.

There is nothing better than a cold glass of pure, healthy drinking water (and pure water to be used for your hot tea and coffee!). Find out for yourself by taking one of our water systems for a FREE 7-day, no obligation test drive.

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